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We're adventuresome souls at, trekking to the newest spas, testing the freshest products, and surviving innovative workouts on your behalf. I know, rough life. It's a tough-ish job, and someone has to enjoy it. Thanks for nominating us! You can consider us your own... more

personal guides through the world of hair care, fragrance, skin care, make up, and the hottest events around town -- you know, all the things that make life a little more enjoyable. Dates are not included, but we always love a good party...Need to know what to buy your metrosexual brother for his birthday, which shampoos seal in color, or which canine spa is the most luxe? We're on it. Want to know what Lorac and Warren-Tricomi and Marc Jacobs are offering this month? We can tell you...if you're nice to us.

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